CarShare Vermont is a car-sharing non-profit that wants people to drive less. As a community resource, they’ve helped Vermonters reduce the number of cars they own or become entirely car-free households.

This web-based cost calculator was accompanied by a robust awareness campaign, urging people to question their assumptions about what their vehicles were truly costing them. With the use of user-supplied information and data from authoritative sources, we were able to provide results that included personalized cost analysis as well as some unexpected costs, such as emissions, depreciation, time lost to driving, and public space lost to parking. While users were in a mindset to take action, we provided them with a number of ways to reduce those costs and the ability to share their results and the cost calculator with others.


Design: Kevin Karn
Copywriting: Devon Dams-O’Connor
Development: Michael Smeal
Illustrations: Tara Lynn Clayton and Kevin Karn

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